Argentinean hotels are preparing to accept crypt currency payments in preparation for reopening after a long closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

La Nacion reports that after eight months of downtime, many of the country’s hotels are on the verge of closing down. According to industry insiders, during this period revenue was not just zero, but operators were forced into debt.

„Without a doubt, this is the most difficult moment that the industry has faced in its history,“ said Ramiro Alexa, General Director of inverTur Tourist Platform.

And to solve these problems, hoteliers are ready to turn to the cryptographic currency.

„We have begun to consider accepting payments using crypto assets,“ said Carolina Bottom, Commercial Director of Argenwau Hotel Development Company.

This year, acceptance of the crypt currency is growing in Argentina, many people are using ee as a hedge against rising inflation or as a dollar gateway with tight currency restrictions imposed by the government to prevent the outflow of pesos.

And while small hotels, especially in the capital, Buenos Aires, have been accepting Bitcoin payments for several years (according to Hosteltur’s 2015 report), Argenwau is at the forefront of the race.

The company is currently building the luxury resorts of Hampton bu Hilton Rosario and Hampton bu Hilton Bariloche, the second of which is in the popular Argentine region of Patagonia. The company is also one of the largest package tours and real estate companies in Argentina.

In other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, hoteliers have also turned to the cryptographic currency, including at the famous Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas, which in January began to accept payment at the BTC and other major altcoins.

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