• Low-cap altcoins are surging and might signal the start of a new bull market.
• Major cryptos like APT, FLOKI, and HIGH saw significant gains in their prices over the past 30 days.
• LBank Co-Founder Johnason Chan believes that the upcoming Bitcoin halving could play a part in this new bullish sentiment.

Emerging Bull Market

A new wave of low-cap altcoins is emerging and enjoying massive gains in the crypto market, potentially signaling the dawn of a new bull market according to LBank Co-Founder Johnason Chan.

Token Performances

Major cryptocurrencies such as Aptos (APT), Floki (FLOKI), and Highstreet (HIGH) have seen impressive rallies over the past 30 days. APT recorded a 380% increase, while FLOKI saw its price jump by more than 200%, and metaverse gaming coin HIGH went up by 336%.

Fed Chair Hints on Disinflation

Following hints from Fed chair Jerome Powell on possible ‚disinflation,‘ the interest rate hike cycle seems to favor the markets. Chan believes that some crypto sectors are likely to see even more investment going into Q2.

Bull Market Emergence

Given all these conditions, Johnason Chan believes that a potential bull market could be emerging towards the fourth quarter of 2023 when Bitcoin’s next halving will take place: „And let’s not forget the next Bitcoin halving is coming up in around 400 days.“

LBank Exchange Platform

LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges globally established in 2015 offering financial derivatives services, asset management solutions, and secure trading environments for users worldwide with more than 7 million customers across 210 regions.

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