• SiGMA Eurasia expo in Dubai from 13-16 March, 2023
• Featuring Jordan Belfort, Gary Vee and a Startup Village
• Aiming to form new collaborations, strategic alliances and joint ventures

SiGMA Eurasia Expo Comes to Dubai

The SiGMA Eurasia expo is set to take place in Dubai from 13-16 March, 2023 at the InterContinental Festival Arena. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with professionals from various industries, learn about the latest technology and innovations, connect with key decision-makers and gain knowledge about new markets. Major companies in the technology, gaming, affiliate and medical industries will be showcasing their products and services during the event.

Prominent Speakers

Prior to the expo taking place is CPA Club International forum which will host a meetup in collaboration with SiGMA. This meetup features renowned speaker Jordan Belfort who is also known as The Wolf of Wall Street. Other notable speakers include serial entrepreneur and investor Gary Vee will provide insights on three conference stages throughout the duration of the event. There will be opportunities for networking drinks and dinners for delegates to meet each other and establish business relationships.

Startup Village & Awards

In addition to this there is a Startup Village where attendees can evaluate newly established market players; as well as three startup pitches where business owners can present their ideas to a panel of experts. Meanwhile The Gala Awards are held over two days dedicated towards supporting SiGMA Foundation’s mission of benefiting educational institutions in Africa.

Business Opportunities

The aim of this event is for attendees to pursue business opportunities such as strategic alliances or joint ventures; while government representatives offer special development opportunities for expansion within Dubai’s thriving business environment that combines East & West culture & innovation together.

Thought-Provoking Conference Sessions

A schedule packed full of thought provoking conference sessions led by renowned experts including keynote speaker Gary Vee offering advice on entrepreneurship & investments. Overall this offers an unique opportunity for those looking for potential collaborations & investment opportunities within various industries under one roof!

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