TRON Announces First AI Partnership with Oraichain

  • Tron and BitTorrent have partnered with AI-based Oraichain to expand their blockchain innovation.
  • The partnership will add TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge, allowing for the transfer of assets between the two networks.
  • Through this partnership, Tron and Oraichain will work together to foster a community dedicated to blockchain and AI development.

AI & Blockchain Technology

The Tron network and BitTorrent have made significant progress in blockchain innovation. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) hype, the Tron network has not been left behind in this sector. At the beginning of last month, Justin Sun announced that Tron had reached its first AI partnership. The tech entrepreneur announced that the Tron network can now build decentralised payment channels free from centralisation hurdles. Moreover, AI could revolutionise cryptocurrency trading through automated trades.

Partnership with Oraichain

The Tron foundation has announced its first official artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with Oraichain. This public blockchain enables smart contracts to request data from AI APIs alongside user-created data requests. Notably, the Oraichain uses Cosmos SDK and Terdemint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus to ensure fast transaction confirmation. Through the partnership, Oraichain will add TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge, allowing for the simple and secure transfer of assets between TRON blockchain and Oraichain. This provides new asset pairs on OraiDEX and opens up new cross-chain DeFi opportunities.

Goals of Partnership

Through this strategic alliance, TRON and ORAI aim to foster a community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts who are passionate about the potential of blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence capabilities. They plan to expand smart contract functionality by innovating new use cases as well as providing education about these technologies throughout the crypto space.

The announcement is evidence that both TRON and BitTorrent are making great strides towards becoming key players in both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence innovation fields . Through this collaboration with OrachiChain , they hope to create an environment where users can securely transfer assets between different chains , as well as benefit from faster processing speeds when it comes to executing smart contracts .

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