• IOTA’s Shimmer EVM has broken records by reaching 1 million transactions and 2,200 smart contracts in a month.
• The milestone was celebrated by IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener who aims for 10 million transactions next.
• Multiple projects such as the Pyth Network and Treasures of Shimmer are already making their way to the ShimmerEVM testnet.

IOTA’s Shimmer EVM Breaks Records

IOTA developers have set a new milestone with the launch of the ShimmerEVM testnet as it has achieved 1 million transactions and over 38,000 active wallet addresses within a month since its launch. Moreover, more than 2,200 smart contracts have been deployed on the platform too. IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener congratulated the team for this achievement and set his sights on a new milestone of 10 million transactions for the upcoming days.

Projects Launched on the ShimmerEVM

The launch of the ShimmerEVM testnet was an important step in expanding its reach to blockchain developers and users working on EVM compatible smart contracts. With its release, many projects such as Pyth Network, Treasures of Shimmer are deploying their oracle contracts on to this platform which will lead to endless possibilities in terms of features available with this protocol.

Public Testnet Phase

As part of further testing, IOTA developers shall be validating the performance of this platform through a public testnet phase which will help them identify bugs and suggest improvements if any needed in order to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of this network.

Future Goals

The aim is to make sure that all these developments come together seamlessly while maintaining high standards in terms of security and scalability across various platforms connected with IOTA’s technology stack. This is crucial especially given that multiple projects are already running successfully on this EVM testnet thus far.


In summary, it can be said that IOTA’s Shimmer EVM has been rapidly gaining traction in terms of its performance metrics due to multiple projects being launched on it as well as setting new milestones every now and then. The development team also continues their efforts towards attaining more breakthroughs in order to achieve higher levels of interoperability between different platforms utilizing this technology stack by IOTA developers.

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