• Polygon and Securitize have partnered to revolutionize private credit investment by tapping into the Polygon network.
• Hamilton Lane’s Senior Credit Opportunities Fund (SCOPE) has been tokenized, reducing the minimum investment from $2 million to $10k.
• The partnership is expected to increase Polygon’s credibility and liquidity, attracting more institutional investors.

Polygon Network Revolutionizes Private Investment

Polygon (MATIC), a leading Ethereum scaling solution with about $1.02 billion in total value locked (TVL), has continued to attract more institutional investors seeking to scale through the decentralized financial markets. The layer 2 scaling solution, which is backed by Binance and Coinbase, has grown to a $10 billion market despite the effects of the 2022 bear market. Thereby indicating Polygon network has over time attracted long-term investors seeking to tap into blockchain technology.

Polygon Partners With Securitize

In recent developments, Polygon Network announced a strategic partnership with Securitize, a firm digitizing trading of real-world assets. Through the partnership, Securitize is set to launch a tokenized private credit fund from a leading private markets investment firm, Hamilton Lane (Nasdaq: HLNE). Reportedly, Hamilton Lane is set to provide part of its Senior Credit Opportunities Fund (SCOPE) through Securitize, which taps into the Polygon network. Meanwhile, the fund has ostensibly reduced its minimum investment from $2 million to $10k to attract more single investors.

Smart Contracts Accelerate Redemptions

Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize Inc., noted that smart contracts built on blockchain networks can dramatically accelerate previously manual processes–such as share redemption–from weeks to seconds and eliminate intermediaries and their unnecessary fees while reducing barriers for more investors participating in private markets value creation. As this partnership improves funds’ liquidity, the $96 million private credit fund is set to increase overall Polygon’s credibility with other institutional investors due in large part due Hamilton Lane’s decade-long track record of trustworthiness among many investors worldwide.

Lower Minimum Investment Attracts Investors

The new agreement also allows single investors access via smaller investments than ever before – down from an original minimum investment requirement of two million dollars ($2M) down drastically now at just ten thousand dollars ($10K). This lowered amount creates increased opportunities for individual investor participation in SCOPE’s feeder fund through redemption using no transaction fees from Securitize on demand via their connection with the Polygon network .

Increased Credibility & Liquidity

As this new relationship between these two companies grows so will both confidence and liquidity within marketplaces all around it – increasing potential returns for everyone involved including those who choose not be direct stakeholders but rather simply observe or speculate on secondary markets associated with it such as cryptocurrency exchanges or derivatives platforms like options trading etc…

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