• LBank Exchange will list ELMOERC (ELMO) Token on June 9.
• ELMOERC (ELMO) is a memecoin project with a “burn and earn” mechanism.
• This listing will expand its global footprint and support deeper liquidity.

LBank Exchange to List ELMOERC (ELMO) Token

LBank digital asset trading platform is set to list the ELMOERC (ELMO) token at 9:00 UTC on June 9, 2023. This listing will expand ELMO’s global footprint and provide access to deeper liquidity for users of the platform.


ELMOERC is a memecoin project that features a unique “burn and earn” mechanism, where 10% of taxes are imposed on DEX trades and 6% on CEX trades. The goal of the coin is to become the ultimate memecoin through rapidly reducing its supply while providing utility and accessibility to users. Long-term diamond holders are rewarded with substantial burns funded by taxes collected from sellers. Whenever someone sells their tokens, the total supply reduces, increasing demand for the remaining circulating supply due to scarcity.

Features of ELMO Token

The ELMO token has several features that make it attractive for users, such as 0% tax on buying, 10% tax on selling, liquidity locked in place, ownership renounced by developers, and team tokens secured under lock. Additionally, 500 million tokens were burned prior to launch while 125M have been burnt since its launch date.

About LBank

LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges established in 2015. It provides specialized financial derivatives services as well as expert asset management services in order to ensure safety for its customers while trading cryptocurrencies across more than 210 regions around the world with over 9 million users registered so far.

Start Trading Now

By listing ELOMOERC (ELOMO) token on LBank Exchange they aim at contributing towards a wider global adoption of cryptocurrencies by expanding its reach even further while providing deep liquidity options for their customers – something that can be done at lbank.com starting today!

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