• Pantera Capital predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach as high as $147,843 per coin following the 2024 halving event.
• The prediction is based on the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) ratio model which suggests that BTC value appreciates over time due to its diminishing supply.
• The last halving event in 2020 caused a 23% surge in Bitcoin’s price and a similar effect is expected after the upcoming halving event in April 2024.

Pantera Capital Predicts Bitcoin Price of $148K Following Halving

American hedge fund Pantera Capital has given a new forecast for the price of Bitcoin (BTC), predicting that it may reach as high as $147,843 per coin following the 2024 halving event. The asset manager currently boasts of $3.5 billion worth of Assets Under Management (AUM).

Stock-to-Flow Model Used to Analyze Price Trends

The prediction was arrived at after using the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) ratio as a price model to evaluate and predict future pricing trends across each halving event. Utilizing this theory, BTC valuation was considered against its scarcity and then further contrasted its circulating supply with its annual production flow. Data derived from this theory suggested that as BTC’s issuance rate diminishes through consecutive halvings, its value will likely appreciate over time.

Price Expected To Increase By 32% Before Halving

As per the report, Bitcoin may rally by about 32% from its current price before the next halving occurs around April 20th, 2024, during which block reward for miners will be slashed resulting in a decrease in circulating supply of new coins entering the market. Afterward, it’s expected to surge by 450%, reaching $148,000 –the peak of next bullish cycle– according to Pantera Capital’s predictions.
At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin was trading at approximately $26,025.84 per data from Marketcap.

2020 Halvings Impact On Price

Markedly, when last year’s halvings occurred there was an immediate 23% jump in Bitcoin’s price but it remains uncertain whether or not similar effects will occur post 2021’s upcoming events; however what can be certain is that any uncertainty surrounding crypto assets tend to result positively on their prices and vice versa for bearish news regarding same assets so investors should always watch out for news regarding cryptocurrency markets before investing or trading them online .

Judge Analisa Torres’s Ruling On Crypto Regulation

Additionally recent rulings such as Judge Analisa Torres‘ ruling which determined crypto tokens are commodities under US law have been seen positively affecting markets too so these occurrences must also be taken into consideration when looking at prices post 2021’s forthcoming halvings events..

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